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Fitness By Design will provide you with the best in clean, wholesome and professional services! Professional atmosphere. Certified, Insured trainers who conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times, including their attire.

Professional Atmosphere
Professional Services
Quality programs
Quality results!

1. Personal Training – David Ashley’s Metabolic Intensity Training program, AKA: DAMIT is Our Specialty! 30 minute workouts that provide a 30 minute “after burn” – What’s that you say? Well it means that for up to 30 hours after your work out, you will continue to burn fat! Unlike cardio where when your done, your done! And anyone can do little girls scaleANYTHING for 30 minutes! The cost for personal training is $40 per session and there is a 10 session minimum purchase – excluding specialty camps which run for 12 sessions.

Fitness by Design is just that- Programs designed specifically for YOU to get you to your reasonable goals, the quickest way we can! Includes Assessment, meal plan, nutrition coaching, weight & measurements, and constant one-on-one attention.

Older women2. Semi-Private and Tabata Training – Groups from 2-4; $20 PP/30 minutes – more intense conditioning, more strength. 10 Session minimum preferred. weigh-in, measurements, and you also get that up close and personal treatment from your group fitness trainer as well as a program that is specifically designed for you particular group of 2-4 women.

images (1)Diet & Nutrition $150 – Includes Assessment, weight, Caliper (fat measurement) and circumference measurements, nutritional coaching and a diet plan designed to meet your goals. Weekly meeting/weight and measurement coaching as well.


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