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Well Can you believe it! Its the first day of spring and it’s time for that spring cleaning we all do – Mentally, emotionally… and yes… physically – But while we are taking care to clean out the closets and under the beds of our homes… we often neglect our minds… Never has a time been better than Spring to get it all “cleaned” up. Out with the old. In with the new!

You see, what we all do it…ALL of us – is we focus on the here and now. The immediate gratification, the “Microwave” results and when it doesn’t happen… we look and covet others.. we begin the self condemnation and it begins one moment after we open that very last present on Christmas… that moment when we are desperately looking in and around the tree, in the closets or other hiding places it might be… that one… little… present… that we did NOT receive. That, my friend is when it all starts!

images (2) It’s that coveted gift, that feeling of rejection because we didn’t get it, and a determination to find out why someone else did and we did not! The “fight” is on… It is only in our minds.. but it is on like Donkey Kong! And we become the loser… literally!

“I am being punished by the way I look…” That is your self worth talking…. Let’s eat comfort food.
“I need to be a better person…” That is rejection speaking to you. … Let’s eat with friends.
“I can’t believe he/she got that!” That is coveting another person’s things… when you evaluate what they’ve got vs. what you’ve got. and then you begin to analyse What you think they think about you… what you think about yourself, and if you are not careful bitterness will set in…. sometime around … well, now… spring….

Then we go into the New Year’s resolutions…. That short period of time after the holiday hustle and bustle, disappointments and discoveries, covetousness and idol worship, and we get down to what is REALLY important…. Living life – the “Abundant” life… a healthy life!images

The other day I was cleaning up the patio and moved some pieces of wood off the patio and threw them into the fire pit – When I turned to get the broom to begin sweeping, there was a scorpion at my feet (more than likely from the wood pile). I yelled, I scared our Great Dane to death almost, I jumped a mile… then (of course) I grabbed my camera so that I could warn others by a post on Facebook… Then, I realized that as it has been getting cooler, we leave the patio door open – due to the fact that we have spoiled animals who want to lay outside – but prefer that the door be open at all times…. just in case they might want to come in, which immediately will happen the moment we close the door…. only to have them begin to bark and/or meow until it is opened again, so of course, we’re too old to fight with them… so, they win…. But due to this, I was freaking out over the possibility that scorpions might have gotten into our home! And what about spiders? Tarantulas maybe!!! Yes, my mind was freaking out! but I survived, I cleaned, vacuumed, moved furniture, vacuumed again… I would have mopped with acid if I felt that it would have kept them away, but, the point being is that I wanted to make sure that I had a “HEALTHY” environment for my family!

We all want that! We want our family and ourselves to be safe, secure, protected, healthy and able to live a long happy life. But then “scorpions” pop out of the woodpiles left over from the patios of our past and we freak out! Our first thoughts are of self-condemnation… “I should have kept that area cleaner…” But the reality is, we live in a climate where we are going to have “scorpions” or maybe in your neck of the woods some other unwanted creature… and as human beings and we are going to have the unwanted creatures of life – we call these “trials.”

If you are living life – then you realize that life isn’t always going to be perfect – Allow yourself freedom to not take the weight of the world on your shoulders – That my friend has already been done on your behalf… Now that is not to say that we are to put our blinders on and live recklessly (going on eating binges, forgetting to exercise, etc)… NO! We must always be careful and aware of our circumstances but realize that things don’t always happen like they should, we live in an imperfect world! With imperfect people! We don’t always get what we want for Christmas or any other time for that matter! But it is not because you are bad and someone else is better! It’s not because you are too fat or that you are too skinny.. and it’s not because the other people are better than you in any way.fail to try

All that said – you will fail. That is if you are “living” life! If you are trying… you will fail – A child does not learn to walk without falling – You don’t learn to change eating & exercise or lifestyle habits overnight either, without faltering – that is a part of life! The good

Empty Tomb1

news is that it’s not over! You can start over, moment by moment… day by new – glorious day! “His mercies are new each morning…” That is what the Truth of the Bible says – and You can begin again and keep on trying until you get it right.

The first step to become healthy is to get emotionally and mentally healthy, by getting your “HEART” healthy and that begins within! Know who you are and what your purpose is – God says you are fearfully and wonderfully made and that He made you for His glory and i

n His glory. He is where you draw your strength from and He gladly gives it to you. In Him you are not a failure, but His craftsmanship, His glory, and His temple.

He loved you so much that He thought you were worth dying for.

Have a Blessed Easter,

Please worship the Lord on this, the MOST important and relevant Christian celebration!
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