Only available in the mornings – and by SIGN UP ONLY


at our Scottsdale (Gelding) location

Begining May 20th See Calendar here!

Special Going On RIGHT NOW for new clients only

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Hi/Low/Med Intensity – go at your own pace, chose your own weights or no weights at all. Chose the class that is best for you. Please note there is no assessment, you will sign a waiver of liabiltiy and you are working on your own following the instructions/demonstrations of a certified, trained, educated instructor.

Cost Per Person Per Class: $25

Classes are one hour in length 

Available Classes – Pre-registration is REQUIRED for all classes 🙂 

  • Butt-Blaster

Watch meBe prepared! This class goes for one hour and will melt the fat off of your hips, thighs, inner thighs and also includes 15 minutes of abs.

You will hurt tomorrow… but oooooooh such a good hurt! 

Class available from 9am-11am Mon, Wed, Fri.

Cost is $25 per person, per hour

No child Care, No Children under the age of 14 and must have parent present and participating for the duration of the class. Cost is the same as adult.

  • Upper Body

    • Just what it says – for one solid hour you will focus on your upper body, arms, chest, traps, tri’s, also 3n1includes abs.
    • This class is available from 10am-11am Mon, Wed, Fri (Immediately following Lowerbody)
    • cost is $25 per person per hour
    • No child care, no children.
  • BodyBlitz

    • sorry or sore - your choiceFull Body work out, circuit style, high to medium intensity, one hour.
    • Cardio, strength, conditioning, upper and lower body.
    • This class is available from 9am-10am Tuesdays and Thursdays
    • Cost is $25 per person, per hour.
    • No Child Care. No children under the age of 14 and parents must be present and participate for the duration of the class.

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