Pastor Of Pump open’s Christian Gym!


Press Release

David Ashley’s Fitness by Design

has a new home!


Professional trainers, doing a professional service,

For their professional clients

After 30 years in the industry David Ashley AKA: THE PASTOR OF PUMP, has opened a brand NEW location right in the heart of Scottsdale. But don’t worry, this Master’s level Seminary grad won’t make you participate in Bible Studies or thump you on your head with his Bible…

David Ashley just wants you to see Christ demonstrated: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Understanding, Goodness, Kindness and Self Control. And that is what he and his staff will be bringing to this new location!

But don’t let that big bear exterior full you! David’s 20 inch biceps didn’t get their by accident! He also preaches… aahhum ,… teaches: Discipline, determination, dedication, commitment and perseverance! David gives new meaning to “preacher curls.”

After David lost some of his clients due to over-crowded floor space, rude staff, unnecessary cleavage, and vulgar and abusive song lyrics not to mention on the language on the gym floor itself – this 30 year veteran of the fitness industry is bringing his Christian principals to a whole new level by bringing his NEW gym at his NEW location, and his trainers to a whole new level!

David Ashley is the founder/creator of the: D.A.M.I.T. program (David Ashley’s Metabolic Intensity Training) – This program (work out) not only lasts for ONLY 30 minutes – but gives you a POST 20-30 HOUR Metabolic Burn!!!! That means you are losing fat for an additional 20-30 hours POST WORK OUT!!!

Just ask Jordin Sparks! David is Jordin’s personal trainer and has been featured on Radio, Television, Newspapers, and Magazines in addition to being the former KNIX “Gym Guru!”

Call Fitness by Design at: 480.229.2815 (Holly T. Ashley, aka: The Wife)


THIS LABOR DAY!!!! Monday, September 2nd.

6:30am to 6:30pm

7339 E. Acoma Suite #6

Scottsdale, Arizona (in the Airpark) 85260

Fitness Specials going on all day!

Published by

Holly Ashley

David's wife.