About David Ashley

David Ashley’s Fitness By Design is a private training company  located in the heart of the Scottsdale Airpark.

The main goal of Fitness By Design is to deliver professional services with a personal flair centered on customer care and satisfaction.

Fitness By Design is dedicated to making all of its clients feel at home and comfortable and to helping them enjoy their health and fitness journey.

So in this world of apathy and mediocrity, it’s rare to come across inspiration, motivation, and a whole lot of perspiration along with cutting-edge science, much less simultaneously and in the same place as with Fitness By Design. Motivation is the order of the day, and complete dedication and impeccable work ethic reign supreme. There is no other training like it in Scottsdale.

About David…


David “The Gym Guru” Ashley, AKA: “The Pastor of Pump” a native Arizonan, is a career fitness professional who began personal fitness training in 1985.  David is well versed in training all types of individuals for a variety of goals but has fine tuned his training to become an expert in fat loss….rapid fat loss.  Because nobody wants to lose fat slowly!!

David has a B.S. in Sports Management with an emphasis in fitness and wellness, he is certified through NASM, ACE, ISSA, and is a golf conditioning specialist.  His track record is proven and his business is built on integrity and character.

David also has a Master’s degree in Apologetics and Biblical Studies from Luther Rice Seminary and is currently working on his Masters of Divinity.

David and his wife, Holly started Cross Strength Ministries, LLC  which is host to several companies such as Fitness by Design (D.A.M.I.T. program and Personal Training Studio), the Pastor of Pump (where they host a  weekly faith and fitness radio show), Bodies for Christ (work out/devotionals for in-home or small group Bible Studies for women), Body and Soul (A marriage/Pre-marital “boot camp” retreat/conference) as well as Cross Strength Ministries where they speak and teach men, women, youth, couples and groups on finding “true strength” at the foot of the cross of Jesus Christ.

David is a professional speaker, teacher and is very active in local men’s and youth ministry.

the new favoriteDavid is married to Holly Ashley and they have four children ages from 11-25. and one truly perfect granddaughter. Holly is also a fitness professional, family counselor, published writer and speaker and you will find her along side David at the gym or in the office writing Bible Studies and books or preparing for their radio show or a speaking engagement. Holly is the founder of Bodies 4 Christ ministries as well as the Christian Women Alliance, also a ministry of Cross Strength Ministries, LLC.

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