Frazer Holland

Frazer Holland and Jordin Sparks
Frazer Holland and Jordin Sparks

Frazer Holland from Bradford, West Yorkshire and moved to America in 2006 where He studied at the Life Church Leadership Academy. 

Frazer is came to America for the opportunities that our country has to offer him. Through becoming a personal trainer, his goal is to honor His King Jesus by way of “building up the body of Christ.”

Frazer has his own style of training as an independent trainer at Fitness by Design, but is also learning the mechanics of David Ashley’s D.A.M.I.T. Program as well as the overall model of Fitness by Design.

Frazer is available to train individuals and small groups all day and evening- as he is single and has no other obligations other than you!

You can reach Frazer at: 602.483.2450 or by email at: 

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