Kidz-Fit, Teen & Toned Summer Programs



$199 – 8 weeks – 4 days – 1 hour

Beginning June 9 – August 7

Program Specifics:

  • kid1All kids and young adults will be divided by age and sex and will be trained by same-sex certified, insured fitness instructors.
  • Programs are 60 minutes and are age-specific and age appropriate.
  • Boys are trained by certified trainer Frazer Holland and will focus on proper health and nutrition, sports conditioning, fitness and just plain old “get off the couch” and move exercises.
  • All programs designed are designed age appropriate
  • BOYS AGE GROUPS ARE: 9-12 & 13-14 & 15-17
  • GIRLS AGE GROUPS ARE: 9-11 &  12-13 &  14-17boys

Please note… This is not a day care. These are 60 minute health and wellness programs and all children/teens must be picked up immediately following their scheduled program.

TEEN & TONE – Girls Program


  • teen1TEEN & TONED GIRLS (Ages 13-17) Program is lead by former 20th Century Model of the Year and Miss Arizona, Holly T. Ashley. Holly is a professional speaker and has designed the program so that we can start building up, encouraging and strengthening our next generation of powerful women.
  • This program includes a 30 minute health and wellness training workbook (Teen & Tone girls). Please note that  this is the part where we are building character, self-worth, confidence, strength and dignity – the true meaning of “strength.”  Special speakers such as Kayleen Workman who will present her personal story on bullies and eating disorders.
  • HEALTH AND WELL (ness)
    • Understanding reasonable goals and expectations for yourself5-Girl-exercising-and-listening-to-music-teen-stress-tips-100410-mdn
    • Personal value & self-worth, make up and dressing for success
    • Understanding food, labels, shopping, cooking, for proper diet and nutrition (not just what you eat… but why we eat it and why we don’t want to).
    • This workbook/discussion time is not optional and is a necessary part of the program.
    • Their workbook is theirs to keep and will also serve them well as a memorial to all that they want to be and can become.

Other things to know:

Class Times/Schedule

Beginning June 9 through August 7th. 1pm through 3pm. Monday through Thursday Youngest groups to the oldest groups.

Young Ladies programs begin on the Hour while, the Boys are on the 1/2 hour.

All children and young adults will be released after their classes and will not be permitted back onto the gym floor or fitness equipment and will not be allowed to be unsupervised in the office area…. For those of you with more than one child…that are not the same age… don’t worry… we’ll figure something out… we just have to make sure our insurance company is good with it.

Parents will be required to sign a liability waiver in order for your personal child to participate.

The cost for the 8 week program is $199. Classes are Monday through Thursday  for 1 hour (60 minutes) each day.

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