YOUTH PERSONAL TRAINING SUMMER CAMP – A 12 session introduction to exercise, diet, and nutrition

This Summer-Time event is specifically for male and female youth that are ages 13 through 18 (for males) 15 through 18 (for females) and is personal – one – on – one training.



  • Realistic Goal Setting
  • Proper Diet and Nutrition
  • Proper Form
  • Work-out program designed specifically for the individual
  • Discipline
  • Accountability
  • Character building
  • Strength training from the inside-out

Youth will be able to attend this 12 session “camp” as their summer schedule permits* and at the end of the summer have knowledge of weights, proper lifting form, and the science behind proper conditioning, strength training, diet, and nutrition.

More importantly, youth will learn to set realistic goals and learn the discipline necessary to reach those goals –  building character, personal responsibility, and accountability along the way.

At the end of the summer, youth will be able to continue their goals themselves, having been properly trained in the use of typical gym equipment and designing their own program to reach their future goals.

The cost for this program is $480 and includes 12 sessions and a personal assessment. All youth will need a parent/guardian waiver to be signed at the time of the initial assessment. All parents/guardians are required to stay on-site during the training session and will have full use of the cardio equipment.

*Although it is important to not disrupt family activities and summer vacations, it is recommended that the youth attend training at least 2 times per week.

Modesty is important – we have a dress code. No sports bra’s without a shirt over them, no muscle shirts, no short-shorts, if spandex pants are worn (girls only), t-shirt or tank top (girls only) must be mid-thigh length.