Space for Rent!

All of our trainers and instructors are independent contractors of Fitness by Design. AND…


We are looking for 3-4 Personal Trainers, Several Group Fitness Instructors, a Massage Therapist and a Christian Business or Counselor.

For Rent

Please note that we are a Christian facility – and we will only rent space to those who are like minded – and that means that we believe in Christ-Crucified and the Bible as the only Holy, infallible Word of God. This business is a ministry to our unsaved clients and our community and we are glad to rent to those who are of the same mind and spirit as Christ.

And now a little business:

  1. We do ask that you pay your first and last month up front although you do not have to sign an annual contract,
  2. We do ask that you give us 30 days notice prior to your departure, if at all possible.
  3. Men, please wear a shirt that covers your entire torso and has sleeves (no wife beaters)
  4. Women, you  are more than welcome to wear tanks, but are not permitted to show their mid drift at any time, nor will short-short be worn, high-heels or any other shoes other than work-out shoes.
  5. We also do not allow for competition (specifically women) to parade, walk, practice or wear any type of swimwear on the gym floor or in view of any male clients. (It’s just not right…)



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